The Athletic Advantage


Features Overview

Athletic Advantage is a division of Advantage Rehab dedicated to athletic performance, injury prevention and community fitness. We invest in the athletes and residents of Caroline County, helping them achieve their goals and take their athletic performance to the next level. Come check us out and get The Advantage.

We have teamed up with Ted Holloway, who has the experience and expertise to help your athlete build strength, speed and power without compromising form or safety. Ted will be offering personal training and athletic performance sessions in addition to overseeing community fitness classes.

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Athletic Performance

At the core of our operation is our drive to excel and enable our athletes to meet their goals. Our program is perfect for honing competitive skills or retaining fitness during the off season. Ted and his staff of inspiring personal trainers bring their wealth of experience and knowledge to offer diverse and personalized regimens that will assist the serious athlete in taking their performance to the next level.


Community Fitness

Our trainers meet their clients at their current fitness level. Whether you are a weekend warrior, want to shed a few pounds, develop more muscle mass or train for an upcoming sporting event, we have a program for you. After assessing your current fitness status and discussing your personal goals, we will craft a plan that will help you achieve your optimal fitness level. What are you waiting for? Come out and join the team!